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ATLASLocalRootBase (v2)

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  • lsetup -h
  • lsetup -h <tool>

Simple EMI grid-middleware test

  • setupATLAS
  • lsetup emi
  • Setup your proxy:
    • voms-proxy-init --voms=atlas
  • Submit the job, eg. glite-wms-job-submit -a -o jobIDfile helloworld.jdl
  • Check on the job status glite-wms-job-status -i jobIDfile
  • Logout after you are done. EMI should not be setup directly unless you need it. (See the other examples below.)

Using Rucio Clients

  • setupATLAS
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  • setupATLAS (you can do this anytime - when you need it, or type printMenu)
  • lsetup panda
  • If you need athena or an ASG release, you can set it up as follows:
    • lsetup "asetup <athena version>" panda or lsetup "rcsetup <ASG release version>" panda
  • If you need an ATLAS release, you can set it up as follows (do not run pbook with an ATLAS release; set panda up in a new terminal to run that alone):
    • lsetup "asetup <athena version>" panda
  • use the pathena / prun / pbook tools as usual.
    • Notice that I did not setup grid-middleware anywhere and you should not either - Panda clients do it for you.
    • if a proxy is missing or invalid, the Panda clients will ask your password to generate it.
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