Firefox and Grid Certificates

Grid Certificates

You will need to have a p12 file of your grid certificate to load into your browser. The recommended browser to use is Firefox.

Check Firefox Certificates

  • Launch Friefox
  • Open Preferences
  • Go to Privacy and Security
  • Scroll Down to Certificates

Trust the CERN Certificates. (if you have them)

  • Click on "View Certificates"
  • Click on the tab "Authorities"
  • Scroll down to CERN. (if you have it. if you do not, then skip the rest of the instructions in this sub-section)
  • Click on "Edit Trust Settings" and trust each certificate (all checkboxes)
  • Click on OK when done

Check Your Certificate (if you have them)

  • Click on "View Certificates"
  • Select the tab "Your Certificates"
  • Select the certificate you have (I recommend you keep only one to avoid complications)
  • Click on "View"
  • Check the validity date
  • Close
  • If Validity is expired, delete that certificate
  • Click OK

Load New Certificates

If you made changes in the previous sections, quit and restart Firefox. You should do both these steps.

CERN ROOT certificates

User certificate

  • Click on "View Certificates"
  • Select the tab "Your Certificates"
  • With your new valid p12 file, click on "Import" to load the p12 file to your browser



  • Restart Firefox to be sure it all works from fresh]
  • Go to this link to see your LCG registration
  • Make sure you have the voms roles
    • /atlas
    • /atlas/YOURCOUNTRY. where YOURCOUNTRY can be ca, usatlas, de etc.
  • If you do not have both those roles, request them on that page (click on the Request Role)


  • login to lxplus and do

Check that all tests pass. (It may take up to 24h for rucio to pick up your changes.)

Issues Reporting

  • If you see issues, cut and paste the output from your terminal. If they are from your browser, send screen shots.
  • Be as detailed as possible to show the error and what you did to encounter it.
  • Do not respond by private mail, send mail to eGroup (DAST).
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